Are looking for the fastest way to get ready to buy customers to your website.So, we are best service provider of PPC (pay-per-click) in Kanpur. and that provides the perfect solution. The best PPC techniques includes various services such as Google Ads, Facebook and youtube Ads.So Digital Explodes Providing the best services in Kanpur for their valuable client in most effective manner.This ensures campaign of our PPC that you are profitable return on investment

How Our PPC Advertising Services Can Help You?


  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Every advertisement has unique copies.
  • It helps to generate higher revenues.
  • Provides effective campaign reports.
  • Helps to achieve a high Conversion rate(CR).
  • Used PPC remarketing to target the right audience-We use the remarketing tool retarget such a visitor to increase conversion rate and ROI directly. Start by demography to deliver the ads to the targeted audience. It helps more to achieve the goals.

A PPC ad is normally just before or to the right of the search results where they can be clearly seen. many other kinds of websites, the ad will be located in the location that the site designer has decided will be the most profitable to his site and the advertising.




Effectual PPC advertising services

  • Both Costs per order and per-cost cost are used for PPC advertising which makes online marketing more effective and profitable.
  • PPC advertising is a process that works like silent disposal. when their viewers type in specific goods or services in the search field.
  • advertisers' work on keywords or phrases when the advertiser match the keyword record or visit a webpage with content which is the user types a search doubt into the search engine that belongs to the keywords or phrases used by the advertiser, that may be advertised on the page.
  •  Our PPC advertisement uses Google AdWords platform to display the variety of Ads "Search Ads", "display ads " also known as "Banner ads". For social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is also used for PPC advertisement where ads were paid by the advertiser.
PPC services

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