E-mail Marketing services help you but it depends on your budget, contact list size, and demands. Before we go in the depth of email marketing strategy, this service has considered some technical ideas like highlights email templates, features of each email marketing tool, cost, user interface, and deliver ability, protection, GDPR compliance, and integration, here we are best email marketing service providers in the local area of Kanpur.

Free Web E-mail Services?

  • Mail-Chimp-12000 email limit p/m, 2000 subscribers, Mobile features, List management
  • Mailer-Lite-No email limit, 1000 subscribers, used Automation tool, landing page and reports.
  • Benchmark-2000 subscribers, 14000 emails p/m, Basic A/b testing tool is used.
  • SendPulse-2500 subscribers, 15000 emails p/m and used basic autoresponders.
  •  Mailjet- Unlimited subscriber, 6000 emails p/m and reporting is used.

Strategies of E-mail Service?

  • using pre-header text (write-in appealing manner),
  • Use call to action keyword.
  • Use zip format (depend on the aim of emails)
  • Use videos then link are mentioned that reached from directly on YouTube.
  • Use a good subject is very impactable.
  • Use a conversational strategy (you and me).
  • Use the best time of sending emails based on an evaluation of the campaign.




  • Email marketing is the type of business that helps the group of sending a commercial message, simply to a group of people, using electronic message. The common reason for this is, that every E- message sent to a possible or current customer could be considered online email marketing.
  • It usually means using email, we can send email for advertisements, request business, or require a common reason for this is sales or benefits and which makes loyalty, security, or brand awareness.
  • Marketing emails can be sent to a got lead list or a current customer database.
  • The name usually relates to sending email messages with the purpose of improving a merchant's relationship with current or new customers, helping customer support and repeat business.
  • To buy something, its get a new customer or current reliable customer quickly and receiving third-party advertisements.

Why WebMail Marketing-

  • E-mail marketing is in ROI(Return of Investment) term is the cheapest marketing platform.
  • It is also a good platform to increase your website traffic
  • It converts the customer into one lead.






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